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Circle Time

Circle is an ancient, universal, and simple symbol of unity and wholeness, and that circle time, as an activity for groups of children, has been around for about century. Since there is no beginning or end, every individual in a circle is equal and belong to the whole group. Expanding on this idea, the most successful circle times include acceptance, openness, and non-judgemental expression of ideas. 


Objective of circle time for the kids is to warm up or to have adrenalin rush before they start the routine for the day. Also for the kids to express feelings and ideas, encourage positive communication like listening and taking turns in speaking which further improve their social skills. 


During circle time, we conduct:

1.   Music & movement which develops rhythm and coordination in your child in order for them to express themselves. Children naturally love to jump, hop, bounce, roll, climb, catch, balance, and stretch. They have the opportunity to do so here under careful supervision. 

2. Nursery rhymes (including jolly phonics). 

3. Story telling & role play on public spiritedness & safety topics. 

4.  Physical exercise (includes breathing exercise).

5.  Simple games - example introduction to scrabbles for age 5 & 6. 

6.  Newshour reading for age 5 & 6.