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There is lot to think about when preparing to enroll your child at Tiny Grads Montessori! This list of frequently asked questions may help. If you have more queries, or would like to speak to us, feel free to visit the school with appointment or contact us on mobile 012 7021455.


  • What is Montessori?

Montessori means 'method of teaching.' Montessori is created and developed by Dr. Maria Montessori and exists since 1870s, originated from Italy. It is a child centered educational approach that values the human spirit and the development of the whole child (physical, social, emotional & cognitive).


  • Why is Montessori important?

The Montessori approach provide the foundation for the rest of a child's life. Children are born ready to learn and the best learning happens in nurturing, positive, stimulating environments. That's why high quality early learning in Montessori way experiences are so important. By creating these environments, we're providing the best opportunities for children to fulfill their potential.


  • How Tiny Grads Montessori is different from other preschool / kindergarten?

We are different from the other  conventional preschools, we have small classroom size (1:10); we foster peer learning through multi age grouping; kids use multi sensory materials for physical exploration and encourage independence through learning practical life and our educators play obtrusive role in class, than being a controller, in order to bring out the inner potential of the kid without fear.


  • How Montessori can help kids to prepare for primary 1 in local schools? Usually this is the biggest concern of local parents.

Montessori means the 'method of teaching.' It is not a method where a kid need to listen and mug on whatever the teacher / educator teaching. But educator's duty here is to bring out the inner potential of the child by nurturing independence within the child, using five senses to understand and explore, where creative thinking is involved. In Montessori, learn through play does not indicate just playing (outdoor or indoor games), but understanding and applying Montessori materials academically, in practical life and in enhancing the sensorial which is utmost important in child's early years development.

The kids will still undergo and master the academic curriculum outlined by the government schools and also the private/international schools, in preparing the kid for primary 1. So it is more on how parents would like to mould the characteristic of the child, when she/he face the bigger world after the preschool journey.