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Admission & Registration

Children are admitted on a first come first served basis regardless of race, colour, gender, physical or mental ability and creed. We encourage the children to respect and value all people and to understand different cultures and to grow up free of prejudice knowing that we all share equally in our world.

Tiny Grads offers an ongoing registration and available places to children between the ages 3 to 6 years. All complete application for enrollment are accepted provided there is space on a first come first serve basis. If space is not available during a certain period, your child will be added to our waiting list upon completion of the registration form . Tiny Grads will contact the parents / guardians when the space becomes available.


Registration/Enrolment Form

Child's Particulars

Father/Guardian Particulars

Mother/Guardian Particulars

Emergency Contact Person

Authorized Pick up Person(s)


  1. Children will not be released to anyone not listed on the enrolment form unless advised by the parent.
  2. A registration fee of RM 100 is required with this application. This fee is not refundable.
  3. Please ensure that you have read the Parents Handbook carefully and you agree to follow the rules & regulations.
  4. Please fill out the enrolment and other enclosed forms in the Parent Handbook carefully and return these to Tiny Grads Montessori Preschool management, together with a copy of birth certificate or Mykid card of the child.